Deep Muscle Relaxation:
This 20 minute CD combines prayer with deep breathing and
progressive muscle relaxation to help you overcome stress and anxiety.  It can even be
used to prevent or lessen the severity of anxiety or panic attacks.  The price is $7.   Add
$5. for shipping and handling.    DMRCD
This DVD is about parenting your children to protect them from
the emotional trauma of divorce and custody cases.  It comes with a workbook.  If
you need this class for a court case, we will provide a test you can take and return
to us for a certificate of completion. The price is $50.  Add $5. for shipping and
handling.  FKSDVD-1

If you would like to share the DVD and book with another person and get a second
set of paperwork for a certificate:  The cost is $85 plus $5. for shipping and
handling.  Use one of the buttons below:   FKSDVD-2
Sentence Expression Test:
 A 50-question test designed to help you know and
understand your child's social and emotional development.  It assesses 5 areas
of children's development.  It can be given by parents, teachers or counselors.  
The cost is $4.95 for 5 copies for individual use.  If you are a teacher or counselor
you can purchase a package of 50 copies for $29.95.  Add $5. for shipping and
handling with all orders.  Cannot be duplicated due to copyright.

5 COPIES                                                           SET-50    50 COPIES

Anger Book for Kids:  This booklet was written by Susan Ward  with help from
Richard Ward,LPC, her husband.  It
uses the Scriptures to teach children about
the causes and purposes of anger, how to identify the different emotions and
their thoughts, how to communicate feelings well and how to pray to find relief of
unpleasant feelings.  The cost is $10, which includes shipping and handling.